Skype Removal Tool – Removes Skype and resolves uninstallation/installation issues.

SRT (.NET 2.0 version)

SRT (.NET 4.0 version)

Keep Off  – Allows display to turn off by eliminating background processes preventing it.

KeepOff (.NET 2.0 version)

KeepOff (.NET 4.0 version)

VCamFix  – Repairs camera issues caused by damaged or missing files or filters. Repairs 32-bit and 64-bit DirectShow. Virtual and other camera solutions that require a 3rd party filter to function, may have to be uninstalled/reinstalled after a filter reset is performed. This program does not remove antivirus/firewall software camera blocks.

VCamFix (.NET 2.0 version)

VCamFix (.NET 4.0 version)

RegDate  – You can retrieve your Skype registration date using the following tool. It pulls this information from your local history files (main.db) from Skype Classic 7.x and earlier.


RegDate (.NET 2.0 version)

RegDate (.NET 4.0 version)

If no local history is detected, the window will be blank. If you have a backup copy of a main.db file, you can place it in the same folder as RegDate and press Retrieve date to extract the account creation date from that file. Simply do not select a name from the list, if present.